UV Exposure Unit

September 12th 2019

attaching UV LED tape to a board

I got back from a Casein Printing workshop a few weeks ago, and I’m gearing up to make casein prints at home. I’ve bought the two chemical components potassium dichromate and ammonium caseinate. The last big thing to do is build an exposure unit.

complete UV LED exposure board

It looks like most home made exposure units use fluorescent tubes, but they’re kind of expensive and require holders and ballast. I found some UV LED Tape on Amazon which should work, and it’s low complexity to setup — cut the tape to length, apply to the board, and solder wires to the tape to complete the electrical connection. It took maybe 2 hours to apply the LED Tape and solder everything together

I’m not sure how tall the exposure unit box needs to be, to get good coverage and diffusion, so I’ll prop it up for testing and then build an appropriate box