Siebenschläfer Bett Knockoff

September 13th 2019

When Sarah was in Berlin earlier this year, she saw a cool bed frame somewhere. A little searching revealed it was the Dormouse Bed – Siebenschläfer Bett.

Looking at a few websites I got some approximate dimensions for the bed and using photos from the web was able to figure out a ratio of pixels to centimeters and generated some plans.

bed frame in the back yard

I realized though, that European beds are slightly different sizes so I had to tweak my plans to match.

plans for the bed

After making the plans I figured out for a queen sized bed I would need just one sheet of 4×8′ plywood. I did several coats of Ebony Polyurethane on the sheet of plywood before cutting everything out.

detail of bed support system

The support for the bed is pretty simple — two 2×4″ rails were added on the inside edge of the two long boards and then 1×4″ were laid on top of the 2x4s.

side table on bed

A couple weeks after building the bed I decided to build some side-tables that connect to the bed frame too. They’re made from offcuts of the bed frame.