Saffron Bulbs

October 1st 2019

Sarah and I planted 100 saffron bulbs. We’re hoping to have at least a small saffron crop this year, though, it’s hard to say how much we’ll get.

Sarah Planting Bulbs

We laid out the bulbs on the surface of the soil to make sure they’d all fit. I followed spacing information from the information sheet that came with the bulbs.

Saffron bulbs ready to be pushed under the dirt.

The bulbs are supposed to flower this fall, which seems pretty surprising– we just planted them a couple weeks back.

I’ll make another post when we get to the harvest. Briefly, it looks like you cut the flowers off, pull the three stamen from each flower, and then gently dry the stamens. The foliage left is allowed to stay on the plant as long as it lasts.