Fake Window

September 18th 2019

The last couple of offices I’ve worked in had no windows. So I decided to build a window for myself.

It’s a lot of fun when people come in my office and look at the window, but know there can’t be a window because we’re deep in the middle of a building. No one, so far, has been brave enough to suggest that the window is fake because questioning windows is nonsense.

fake window on wall

The window is constructed out of 1/4″ plywood that I painted white, 6000k LED tape, and some cheap blinds.

I painted the plywood, let it dry for a couple of days. The LED tape can only be cut at certain points, so I figured out how long each of the strips needed to be given the cut-point-constraint. I peeled the backing off the tape and stuck it down. I was a little nervous that the adhesive faling at some point, so I added a few zip-ties. Finally I glued some 2×2″ bocks to the top of the plywood and screwed the blinds to the blocks.

The whole thing is mounted on my office wall with three heavy-duty command hooks.