Burning Man Spin Hyperlapse

September 16th 2019

I shot this hyperlapse of the man by lining up the man with the center of the focus screen shooting a long exposure photo, taking a big step to the left and repeating about 450 times. I used my Canon 80d with the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 and a full-carbon Sirui travel tripod.

Taking the photos took a long time, but post took an absolute eternity. The photos I took were lined up pretty well but not perfectly. So, I had to do some image stabilization. Here’s what the video looked like before stabilization. It’s not terrible, but it’s not nearly compelling as the stabilized version is.

None of the automatic stabilization tools I tried worked very well– they’re not tuned for this use-case, I guess. I spent weeks working with AfterEffects to learn how to do a really clean motion track, but the complexity for this project was compounded since there’s no detail that exists in every frame in the video.

I really want the final video to make the man look like a spinning top, and the stabilized video looks pretty good. I hope some next generation video stabilization tool will come out and I can use it to perfect my video.